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Monthly HAP Payments are always processed on the 1st business day of the month, and will be reflected in Partner Portal the following business day.


Dear landlords,

We are going to have a Lease-Up-Fair on July 12, 2018 at 3:00pm for our clients and would like to invite you to participate. If you have vacancies and looking for a quick turn-around to get them filled, please RSVP RaVonda Thompson at or call (817)333-3667 by July 10, 2018.

Voucher holders will be present to fill out paperwork and inspection will be expedited.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call me


In order to streamline the rent increase process for landlords and clients, FWHS no longer requires a new lease; however, the client’s signature is still required to insure the client has been informed of the increase. A copy of the rent increase request form which has all the required information needed to process the rent increase can be download from our website here . This document must be signed by the client and landlord. The client’s signature does not bind the client to the requested rent amount if the client’s portion of rent increases. Landlords are allowed to request a rent increase within 60 days of the anniversary date each year. Landlords may log into Partner Portal to determine the anniversary date of the client.


After receiving the documentation and approving the increase, FWHS will notify both parties of the rent change with a Rent Change Notice with the effective date, Total Contract Rent, Total Resident Rent, Housing Assistance Payment and Utility Reimbursement, if applicable. If the increase is not approved, a denial notice will be sent to the landlord and client.

Coming April 1: Small Area FMRs

Effective April 1, 2018, Fort Worth Housing Solutions (FWHS) will begin using Small Area Fair Market Rents (SAFMRs) to calculate rental assistance in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program. SAFMR stands for “Small Area Fair Market Rent.” SAFMRs are typical rent levels (including utilities except telephone and cable) within a zip code depending upon the number of bedrooms.


What’s new about this approach?
Until now, rental assistance for families with vouchers was based on a single rent level for an entire metropolitan area. Under the new approach, every zip code will have its own rent level. The rent level in each zip code will determine the amount of assistance families with vouchers will be eligible to receive.


Information for voucher holders: please click here.
Information for current and prospective landlords: please click here.


Dear Landlords,

We are in the process of recruiting landlords to join our Landlord Advisory Committee for the Housing Choice Voucher Program. The purpose of the committee is to advise the agency on policies and procedures that may impact landlords. If would like to be a part of the Landlord Advisory Committee, please email RaVonda Thompson at or call her at 817-333-3667.

Thank you!


Fort Worth Housing Solutions, formerly Fort Worth Housing Authority, now conducts HQS inspections biennially rather than annually. If your unit is scheduled to be inspected, you will receive a notice as usual. If your unit is not scheduled to be inspected this year, you may still request a rent increase 60 days before your tenant's recertification.


Please list your available units at  FWHS has over 300 participants with vouchers looking for units.

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